Side effects of steroids. 17-alpha alkylated

Side effects of steroids.

Anabolic / Androgenic

steroids cause a very negative attitude in the public and in the media

mass media. Along with ethical and moral accusations against them

they are also credited with many terrible side effects.


the media due to the focus of their actions on the sensation

give out a significant amount of false information. During the anti-steroid campaign

provide examples of cases of diseases documented in the scientific literature,

to which steroids lead, and do it in order to intimidate and warn, for

in order to show what fate awaits those taking these medicines. What

is silent here for propaganda purposes, it is that in these cases speech

refers to patients who, before steroid therapy, suffered from significant impairments

health, partly even with terrible disorders.

In fact,

steroids are dispensed only by prescription, in addition, these are drugs, medications,

affecting various psychological processes, and, therefore, have potential

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side effects. When defining "side effects", a distinction must be made

between toxic and hormone-related side effects. This is important

the division is omitted by the official side partly out of pure ignorance, and

most often on purpose, because only in this way is it possible to spread incredible sensational

facts and false information.

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toxic side effects of anabolic / androgenic steroids include potential

effects on the liver. They can be expressed in a wide variety of violations

liver function. In the literature, there are cases when the occurrence of holostasis (stagnation

bile in the liver), hepatitis peliosis (blood-filled cavities of liver tissue anadrol for sale,

cysts) and liver carcinomas have been associated with the use of anabolic / androgenic

steroids. And yet it is important that these forms of manifestation were encountered exclusively

only in patients who have used long-term steroid therapy and

already before the start of the first steroid use in life, they became significant violations

liver function, as well as other serious diseases of internal organs.

Further rushes

into the eyes, that at the same time, the steroid therapy taken consisted of almost one

only 17-alpha alkylated, oral androgenic steroids. During

therapy for several years without interruption, potentially toxic

for the liver, the chemicals Methyltestosterone and Oxandrolone. Indicating that,

that steroids cause similar side effects in healthy athletes could

would be taken into account only in very few cases that do not have

statistical tri tren dosage confirmation and do not provide any conclusions regarding the expected

liver damage when taking a / a steroids. "Once the parallel is drawn

between the reception of steroids and tumor diseases, there is not a single

reports where testosterone or testosterone ester is responsible for liver carcinoma.

Side effects of steroids. 17-alpha alkylated

The reason has always been androgens / anabolic steroids with a 17-alpha alkylated component

steroid molecule … and testosterone and its esters seem to be non-toxic (or low toxic)

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for the liver … Toxic liver damage: as mentioned above, they should be expected

only from 17-alpha alkylated variants … With the right choice of drug

there is no danger here, "(from" Doping – Prohibited Medicines

in sports ", Dirk Klasing, Manfred Donike et al., pp. 60 and 63). And here follows

re-emphasize that almost all liver damage has been reported in humans,

who received a prescription from a doctor to take steroids to treat existing,

serious illnesses. Although possible liver damage and delayed damage,

which may appear, perhaps decades later, are not excluded, empirical

data show that despite frequent, long-term use, potentially

toxic to the liver 17-alpha steroids by athletes manifestation

these lesions are rare.

The one who wanted

in order to avoid the possible risk, should refuse to take alkulized

17 alpha steroid. Because about the complete rejection of the above steroids for most

athletes are out of the question, you should pay attention to certain restrictions

the duration of their intake and dosages. Far-looking athletes are therefore

take regular breaks from their medications when they stop completely

using all steroids or switching to another, potentially non-toxic

a drug for the liver (most often injectable). They often combine "problematic"

steroid with one or more "mild", so that due to their joint action

Giants pitching prospect Logan Webb of Rocklin suspended 80 games for positive drug test

keep the dose of the "strong" drug on the body at a moderate level, without experiencing

at the same time, the decreased effectiveness of the effect of drugs on the


In custody

it can be said that serious toxic side effects occur steroids online mainly

in people who are already sick, who, moreover, have been on long-term steroid therapy,

17-alpha alkylated. Regular liver tests by a qualified

however, at least when using oral steroids, it is recommended

every athlete.

Second category

Ostarine (MK-2866) –

possible unwanted side effects when taking a / a steroids is called

"hormone-related side effects". These are the side effects that can

also occur in healthy athletes in a more or less strong manifestation. But here too

differentiation is necessary: ​​by age, by sex, because children, adolescents and women

more sensitive to exogenous hormone intake than adults

men. Because nevertheless, the manifestations of some side effects are observed as in

men, as well as women and adolescents, we abandoned this differentiation

by gender and age. The following information describes some of the more common

hormone-related side effects that appear in connection with the intake



Inhibition of the gonodal regular circle.


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