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Trenbolone enanthate is a modification of the anabolic and androgenic nandrolone with the addition of the enanthate ester. Its widespread use in sports is associated with the effect of the drug on a quick set of muscle mass, an increase in physical strength and endurance indicators, and the development of an athlete's physical form in general..

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Trenbolone was originally used in veterinary medicine. With its help, the appetite of livestock was increased, its body was strengthened and the efficiency and endurance of animals increased. Today, various versions of the drug are actively used in sports practice and for medical purposes..

Trenbolone is widely used among bodybuilding athletes. Buy trenbolone in Kazakhstan with home delivery. The drug is mainly recommended for male athletes who have some experience in using such funds. For women, trenbolone is contraindicated due to its high androgenic activity. In the case of taking the drug by athletes, they often have signs of virilization: an excessive amount of hair on the body and face, coarsening of the voice, the formation of a male body type. The risk of various health problems is high, even with small doses. Newbies in strength sports should refrain from target your clomid in australia and clomid for sale taking trenbolone enanthate.

With the correct and moderate use of trenbolone, it has a positive effect on the male body. The drug promotes:

increasing the level of IGF up to 200%;

increased fat burning;

rapid build-up of muscle volume;

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increase in strength indicators;

a decrease in the level of the catabolic hormone cortisol;

an increase in the number of amino acids in muscle cells due to accelerated protein metabolism;

quick recovery of the body after training;

enhance libido.

Trenbolone enanthate has a powerful effect even when compared to other strong analogues. Its anabolic activity is four times that of endogenous testosterone. Androgenic activity is also high – 200% of testosterone. The drug remains effective for more than a week, which exceeds the effect of trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. The period of maximum retention of activity is up to 10-14 days from the start of use.

Within six weeks of admission, an increase in physical strength by 20-25% and an increase in lean muscle mass by 5-8 kg are noted. The effectiveness of trenbolone has today been tested by thousands of athletes, who generally give a positive assessment of the drug..

Can trenbolone enanthate harm the body? This steroid is not highly estrogenic and does not undergo aromatization. But since it is characterized by progestogenic activity, signs of gynecomastia may appear when taken. The use of the drug does not lead to fluid retention. Trenbolone enenthate also lacks severe hepatotoxicity.

Long-term use of the drug can have a detrimental effect on the body and cause the following negative consequences:

a decrease in the level of production of your own testosterone;

increased oily skin and the appearance of acne;

decrease in the level of sexual activity after the withdrawal of the drug;

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high blood pressure;

aggressive behavior.

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If the course is exceeded for more than six weeks, side effects such as baldness and testicular atrophy are also possible..

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Trenbolone enanthate course

This drug enjoys well-deserved popularity and is widely used to solve various problems in strength sports. Athletes use it both solo and in combination with other steroid drugs. This allows you to achieve optimal results at the end of the course.

The recommended dosage for men is about 100-300 mg per week. The frequency of injections during one course is once or twice a week. This frequency of administration takes into account the duration of steroid activity. Injections take approximately 6-8 weeks.

It is highly undesirable to increase the recommended dosage, since uncontrolled intake increases the risk of side effects. In order to minimize the risks of negative consequences, the simultaneous administration of the drug Proviron or its analogues is recommended. Gonadotropin, tamoxifen, which increases testosterone levels and has an anti-estrogenic effect, have a positive effect..

The course of taking trenobolone steroids usa is more often carried out in combination with anabolic and antiestrogenic drugs than solo. It works well with other steroids. Choosing a combination of drugs, take into account the tasks, experience of previous use and financial costs.

Taking trenbolone in combination with sustanon promotes effective muscle and strength building. The most optimal dosage is 100-300 mg of trenbolone and 250-500 mg of sustanon per week.

A combination with stanozolol is possible. It also promotes muscle growth and fat burning. Under the influence of the combination of these drugs, the muscles of the body acquire elasticity, strength and readiness for increased physical activity. The recommended dosage is 100-300 mg of trenbolone per week and 30-50 mg of stanozolol per day.

In order to find the optimal combination of drugs for a particular athlete, experience in such activities is needed. At the Forum you can get tips and advice from experienced athletes, bodybuilding coaches, sports doctors.

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Sustained-release steroid. All esters of the substance were developed in the 20th century and occupied a promising niche in sports practice. Most professional athletes, as well as amateurs, prefer anabolic steroids to other types of steroids. This is not surprising because this is a powerful drug with an extended effect that does not cause aromatization. Due to this, the athlete can complete the course with maximum comfort and without harm to health. Increases muscle volume several times up to 10 kg. At the same time, there is no accumulation of water and other unpleasant consequences. Trenbolone enanthate gives a long-lasting effect, allows you to reduce to a minimum injections. Suitable not only for professionals, but also for amateurs, as well as the fair sex. The type of sport does not matter, contraindications apply only to athletes who have restrictions on weight or health. Also, anabolic is contraindicated in adolescents. Complete elimination is possible only after 5 months. It is impossible to save the accumulated result during this period. For this reason, the athlete uses a steroid before or shortly before a competition, masking with special agents. Time must be carefully calculated from the last injection to the doping test.

Positive properties and features.

Affects the speed of muscle recruitment, increasing their volume.

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Saturates the body with energy, strength and oxygen.

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Reduces rollback after using other steroids.

Quickly removes fatty deposits, prevents their further accumulation.

Increases sexual performance.

Strengthens bones and joints.

Reduces pain threshold.

Improves the functioning of all organs and systems, promotes proper metabolism.

Normalizes psycho-emotional state, prevents depression.

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The dosage differs depending on the athlete's experience, goal and gender. Before the first use, go through a hormonal examination and take an allergic reaction test. Professionals and amateurs with a long history of hormone therapy can use up to 400 mg per week. For beginners and girls, it is better not to exceed the dosage of 200 mg per week. The injections should be placed in different places to avoid the appearance of seals (bumps). Can be used solo and in combination with nandrolone or testosterone. It showed itself perfectly in conjunction with growth hormone and peptides.

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