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Often, people who are fond of sports do not see the line. They are ready to do anything to turn their body into a pile of muscles. Arguing in such cases is useless, since no one has the right to impose…

Often, people who are fond of sports do not see the line. They are ready to do anything to turn their body into a pile of muscles. It is useless to argue in such cases, since no one has the right to impose their ideals of beauty on people..

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We have selected several cases when women in pursuit of an impeccable, in their understanding, body used steroids.

1. Candice Armstrong

A simple hobby for fitness swallowed the woman headlong. To increase her muscle mass, she started taking anabolic steroids. Candice claims that not only her face was changed, but also her genitals. Despite the fact that there is no trace of the fragile blonde's appearance, the woman continues to use drugs.

2. Heidi Krieger

According to the athlete, from the age teenage bodybuilding tips of 16, at the request of the coach, she was forced to drink doping mixtures. Of course, the muscle mass came to the right shape instantly, but along with this, hair began to appear all over the body. Heidi herself calls herself a man, but without a penis.

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3. Denise Rutkowski

The bodybuilding star has become another victim of steroids. Taking doping mixtures in large quantities at first helped her achieve fame, but later – literally turned Denise into a man.

4. Brigita Berezovats

Women before and after using steroids fond sports line

Using real anabolic steroids for sale steroids, the girl changed her body beyond recognition. She has won numerous awards in bodybuilding competitions but lost her attractive feminine form.

5. Lenda Murray

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Lenda is an eight-time Miss Olympia champion. She was fond of sports since childhood and had great success in acrobatics. But unexpectedly for everyone, Murray took weight lifting seriously and radically changed her appearance..

6. Kim Chizhevsky

Kim came to bodybuilding from aerobics. She where to buy injectable steroids claims that her achievements in the field of sports have helped to get rid of many complexes. At school, the girl was often laughed at, but, having typed such a form, she does not allow anyone to make fun of herself.

7. Alina Popa

Alina Popa is a professional bodybuilder. In 2010 she took second place in the world bodybuilding competition. The girl is very happy with her results in sports and is proud of her body.

8. Monica Mollica

The World of Women's Drugs: Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) -Part 3 of 3

Monica began her modeling career and was actively involved in fitness to keep her body in shape. She began to notice changes in her body, which she really liked. Without thinking twice, she switched to bodybuilding and achieved success in this sport..

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